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Describe what your organization does, especially the main issue or problems it addresses:

The Asheville City Schools Foundation (ACSF) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the educational success of all Asheville City Schools students. The Foundation works to engage and mobilize the community to support teachers, students, and their families

What types of service-learning opportunities do you have for students:

A variety of volunteer roles in Asheville City Schools: 1-1 academic tutors for grades K-12, small group facilitators, teacher assistants, art projects, event volunteers (think book fairs, spring picnics), test proctors, clerical assistance for teachers and staff, and garden volunteers.

How do you envision students learning and growing from their involvement? Can you envision any ties to their academic work:

"Change two lives--your own and the student you are working with."

One of the most rewarding and educational ways for students to engage with the community they are living in is to volunteer in our schools and engage with our youth. This enriching experience will serve them beyond their time at UNCA. For those considering a career in education, psychology, sociology, or social work, working in schools is a great way to learn about their field and get established in the community. All UNCA students, regardless of their major or career path, are encouraged to volunteer. Math and science tutors are generally in short supply. Since roughly 47% of all Asheville City Schools students live in poverty, working in the schools is a great way to combat poverty and learn about the issues that these families and students face.

Will you train students? Supervise them? If so, please explain how:

We offer volunteer training and ongoing academic workshops to help volunteers be more effective in their support roles. Most Asheville City Schools have a Volunteer Coordinator on site to support volunteers.

Scheduling could be an important issue. Please note the available times students could work with your organization:

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (There are a limited number of opportunities between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. available)

Is there a minimum number of hours you require of students in a semester? Do you require or ask students to stay longer than a 15-week semester:

For our academic coach and mentor opportunities, we ask for at least 1-hour a week and semester-long commitment. Other opportunities will have varying lengths of time and commitment attached to them.

UNCA has a new academic honor called Community Engaged Scholars in which students complete a Public Service Project. Those projects sometimes involve research requested by the community. Likewise, the university has Service- Learning Designated Courses, and sometimes in those courses professors are looking for research projects for their students.

If you have such a research question(s) that a student or class could help you with, write it (them) here:

One of the biggest challenges that the Asheville School System faces is a lack of parent engagement at school for students who live in poverty. A research project surrounding this issue would be great.

To get involved, please contact:

Jay Lively
Director of Volunteer Training and Outreach Programs

Asheville City Schools Foundation
Address: 85 Mountain Street