Celebration of Community Engaged Learning

The Fall 2018 Presentation of Community Engaged Scholars projects will be held during the Undergraduate Research Symposium on December 4, 2018. For more information, visit the URS website at https://urp.unca.edu/symposia-information.


"As a public liberal arts university, UNC Asheville recognizes that community engagement is part of the role of a scholar in modern society... Community engagement allows students, faculty, and staff to interact with the world beyond the campus, be it the diverse heritage of the local community or the global community. Innovative partnerships at all levels not only enrich the educational and cultural experiences of students and faculty, but can also help stimulate the economy and identify new approaches to addressing common challenges." - UNC Asheville Strategic Plan

As part of UNC Asheville’s commitment to service learning and community engagement, the university holds a Celebration of Community Engaged Learning event at the end of every spring and fall semester, both to showcase the work of students who have been engaged in service learning projects and other community engagement activities throughout the previous months as well as to welcome and recognize the community partner organizations our students have been working with. 

We are currently in the process of broadening the scope of this event to include all manifestations of engaged learning, including: internships, study abroad, service learning and community engaged learning components in courses or co-curricular programs, as well as significant engagement work undertaken by student organizations. It is our hope to eventually create an event that not only celebrates, but also creates, facilitates and strengthens ongoing sustainable community engagement and collaboration between UNC Asheville and the entire WNC community it serves.

This event is co-sponsored by the Key Center, the Career Center, the Health & Wellness Department, and the Undergraduate Research Program. The public is encouraged to attend and learn more about the impact our students are having in their communities, as well as the work being done by their community partner organizations.