Emma Elementary School


Describe what your organization does, especially the main issue or problems it addresses (your mission or goals):

Emma Elementary School (K-4) is a welcoming environment of wonderful students and dedicated faculty and staff. Volunteering at Emma is a great opportunity to be involved with a community of diverse languages and cultures, especially as the majority of our student population speaks a language other than English at home (including Russian, Moldovan, Marshallese and Spanish).

Emma's Mission: "We believe that a child's education is enhanced by a partnership between home, school, and community; by instruction focused on individual needs; and by a respect for personal strengths, talents, and cultural diversity. Through teamwork and high expectations, we provide an environment in which learning becomes a lifelong pursuit for students and staff."

What types of service-learning opportunities do you have for students:

Emma welcomes volunteers to serve in the following ways.

Academic mentors: Classrooms kindergarten through fourth grade are seeking regular volunteers for about an hour each week to work with individual students in all subjects, especially reading, math and writing.

ESL mentors: Classroom and ESL teachers are seeking volunteers to assist kindergarten through fourth grade students in their regular class work and help them practice English.

Environment: Emma is growing green! We are looking for passionate people to help incorporate sustainable-environmental education and practices into daily life at Emma. If you have an idea for a project or program to share with the Emma community—whether it’s a water-saving poster initiative or an “up-cycling” activity in class or any creative way of sharing these values with our school community—we’d love to have you!

If you have a passion or a creative way of going about a class project that you’d like to share at Emma, let us know. We’d love to learn how you’d like to be involved at Emma!

How do you envision students learning and growing from their involvement? Can you envision any ties to their academic work (for example, will they work on a problem related to issues they might study in their classes):

Because of its educational setting and unique culture as a school, Emma provides countless opportunities to connect service to academics. Volunteers will find connections to education, environmental studies, international studies, language and many other areas of interest. We hope that experience in service at Emma will bring fresh perspectives, a broader understanding of academic topics and new questions for volunteers.

Will you train students? Supervise them? If so, please explain how:

Volunteers will have a brief orientation to the school at the beginning of their service. Throughout their service, they will have access to resources and information about new math methods, working with English speakers of other languages and literacy tips to help them grow during their experience. Volunteers will be supervised by classroom teachers.

Scheduling could be an important issue. Please note the available times students could work with your organization:

The regular school day at Emma is 8:00am – 2:30pm. Students can volunteer as mentors Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 2:30pm. Students who volunteer by helping with our environmental initiative can volunteer during the school day or after the school day between 2:30pm and 4:00pm.

Is there a minimum number of hours you require of students in a semester (which lasts 15 weeks)? Do you require or ask students to stay longer than a 15-week semester:

We request that students serving as mentors are committed to serving about one hour each week during the semester to establish a relationship with the classroom, students and teachers with whom they work.

To get involved, please contact:

Kate Page
Volunteer Coordinator

Emma Elementary School
37 Brickyard Road