Fall 2019 Recap

Flor de Toloache Residency
Sept. 17 & 18

“I really enjoyed attending and working the Flor de Toloache reception and concert. It was particularly heart-warming for me to see my own culture reflected in an event here. Having the kids from Nuestro Centro here and performing was such a fun experience and I believe they would probably say the same. Flor de Toloache are incredibly talented and such an empowering group of women. The culture is so beautiful and I love that we had the opportunity to share it with people. We should definitely keep having events like this to bring different cultures to the UNC Asheville campus to bring the community together in an engaging opportunity.” – Emily Arismendy, Class of 2022, Mass Communication major  & New Media minor




Rangi Matamua Residency
Oct. 21-24

“As part of the fall cultural series, the lecture on Maori Astronomy by Rangi Matamua was so inspiring and compelling. I enjoyed learning about Maori customs and traditions, the way they experience and interact with the stars, as well as their love for the world. This is a culture that I have never heard about and now from the lecture, I am interested in researching more about living life by the stars! Specifically I found it interesting that the main god is a woman, Matariki, who is related to and overlooks the rest of the gods. Also, Maori celebration for the gods is something special. They cook the meal in the ground, using only natural elements, and leave it there for the gods to consume–from the earth, back to the earth. Overall, the lecture was one of a kind as it broadened my knowledge of people and places, gods and nature, life and community. Would love to see more of these events in the future!” – Sarah Chao, Class of 2020 English Literature major and New Media minor