Service & Outreach

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Interested in volunteering on your own time? Check out United Way’s Hands On volunteer database for more opportunities in Asheville and beyond!


Campus Food Drive

Donate to the student coordinated food drive for MANNA Food Bank Wed Oct 21st-24th, at the blood drive outside Alumni Hall (114 Highsmith) or the Key Center (211 Highsmith)

  • Acceptable donations include any non-perishable foods and/or hygiene as well as toiletry items (including soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene).

UNCA Campus Blood Drive, 3 Chances to Save 3 Lives!

Safety protocols that will be followed for blood drives (including but not limited to)…

  • Screening & Personal protection: 
    • Everyone (staff, donors, volunteers) participating will be masked 
    • Everyone will have their temperature taken
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at every stage of process
    • Gloves will be available to donors 
      • *Staff are required to wear gloves and change them often
  • Social Distancing: Blood Drive will follow social distancing and room capacity guidelines. 
    • All individuals will be 6 feet+ apart. The blood drive goal has been lowered and spread the drive out over 2 days to make this possible.
    • Donors will be processed on an appointment only basis 
    • There would be no waiting area, instead donors will be texted when there is a bed ready for them
    • Canteen/recovery area will be in a separate room with pre-selected/pre-packaged drinks and snacks (so donors are only touching what they eat)
  • Cleaning:
    • All surfaces will be completely disinfected before and after each donor (including pens, laptops, laminated information packets, beds/chairs, etc)