Public Service Project Posters

Specifications for Public Service Project Posters

All Public Service Project posters should be 24" x 36" in size. The orientation of the poster can be either landscape or portrait (horizontal or vertical).

You can have your poster printed on campus free of charge by contacting Amanda Glenn-Bradley, Technology Support Technician and System Administrator at 828.251.6744 (office), or

Simply send the poster to Amanda Glenn-Bradley via email in order for her to print it. Once emailed, printing will typically take up to 5 business days.

It is generally best to use MS PowerPoint to create your poster, and then re-size your slide to the appropriate dimensions of 24" X 36". It is recommend that you use a PC for the editing, as occasionally there may be trouble with printing files created on a MAC.

Please contact Amanda Glenn-Bradley with questions about creating your poster.

Once your poster is printed, you may choose to take it to the Copy Center in Highsmith Union with a piece of 24" x 36" foam core, and have it mounted on the foam core for display.  The Copy Center is located on the ground floor of Highsmith Union,  and you can contact them at 828.251.6430, or