Resources for connecting with the Latino Community

Service and service-learning opportunities:

1. Tutoring on Fridays with students from HOLA at Emma Elementary (which has a high Latina/Latino population). Contact student Kaley Fry ( to get involved.

2. Contact Professor Ellen Bailey, who has developed a Service-Learning Designated Language 120 Spanish course that works with ESL students. 

3. Professor Dr. Michelle Bettencourt's Spanish 300 "Oral Skills" class is also Service-Learning Designated. She and her students are working with the Together We Read program doing Spanish-English translation. She also has students working with a number of other organizations in the local Latino community.


More local resources for connecting with and supporting the Latino Community:


COLA- Coalicion de Organizaciones Latino Americanas

Nuestro Centro

Emma Family Resource Center


"Harvest of Dignity"- A film that explores issues faced by migrant workers, many of whom are Latino, in North Carolina. You can view the film online for FREE at If you'd like to show the film publicly, you can host a screening by ordering a copy of the DVD for $2.50. The Key Center for Service Learning also has a copy you can borrow. Find out more at

Organizations that engage with migrant farmworker issues:

Coalition of Immokalee Workers This group runs an anti-slavery campaign (defining the conditions of agricultural labor practices as modern-day slavery.)

Cosecha Countdown

Here are some resources online in both Spanish and English that you can follow regarding many of the issues the Latino community faces:

Feel free to contact us with more resources, film suggestions, or ideas for connecting with and supporting the Latino community!