Service Learning Courses

Service learning and community engaged learning enable students to connect their academic knowledge and skills with direct experience that addresses a community identified need or priority. Service learning is a credit-bearing educational experience in which students participate and reflect on community engagement activities as a way to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of personal values and civic responsibility.


Fall 2022

EDUC 314.001 – SL: Multiple Literacies in Content Area Classrooms

  • Instructor: Morton, Bridget

EDUC 320.001 – SL: Middle School Principles, Practices and Materials

  • Instructor: Jarvis, Kendra

HWP 499.002 – SL: Undergraduate Research in HWP 

  • Instructor: Batada, Ameena

LA 478.001 – SL: Cultivating Global Citizenship

  • Instructor: Chapman, Reid

LANG 120.008 – SL: Academic Writing and Critical Inquiry

  • Instructor: Pisano, Jessica

LIT 346.001 – DI: SL: Readings in Gender and Sexuality: LGBTQ Appalachia

  • Instructor: Wray, Amanda

POLS 323.001 – SL: U.S. Elections

  • Instructor: Moraguez, Ashley

POLS 374.001 – ST: SL: Poverty Law Clinic 

  • Instructor: Mangone, Lee Anne

SPAN 300.001 – DI-R: SL: Oral Skills

  • Instructor: Bettencourt, Michelle

SSCI 300.001 – SL: Applied Social Research Workshop 

  • Instructor: Mangone, Lee Anne

SSCI 374.001 – ST: SL: Poverty Law Clinic 

  • Instructor: Mangone, Lee Anne